Hampton Court Flower Show 2012 – Gardens of Healing and Hope

The Frustrated Gardener

It’s hard not to compare the relatively modest gardens created for Hampton Court with the blockbuster, famous name efforts at Chelsea. However, there’s no doubt that Hampton Court welcomes more adventurous ideas within categories such as Conceptual Gardens and Low Cost, High Impact Gardens. This year there was a real thread of resiliance and reconciliation running through many of the designs.  These gardens were perhaps a reflection on the hard economic times and a public show of determination not to give in to some of less pleasant influences on modern society.  The Celebration and Jubilation garden (above) simply celebrated the Diamond Jubilee, a theme which was thankfully not overexploited at the show.

I especially enjoyed some of the more unusual creations this year. A Riot of Colour, designed by Will Sandy, really stood out from the crowd.  A London taxi, vandalised telephone box and graffitied wall are all shown being reclaimed by nature…

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